How it works

One-time purchase and subscription options are available.

One-time purchase 

Choose your meals, select your delivery day, and place your order with a one-time payment. No weekly commitment.


To get started, choose the meals you'd like for your first delivery. You'll automatically receive these meals again each week, or you can edit your selection, skip a week, or cancel your order anytime up to 72 hours before delivery.

Personalize your order

We're happy to make you happy! Please send us a message to let us know how we can personalize your order*.
Some options include :
- Combine your own protein, veggie, and carb options
- Different portion sizes
- Mix-and-match proteins and sauces
- Fresh (not frozen) meal delivery
- Use of compostable containers
- ... and many more!
*Extra fees may apply.


Monday 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm
8.20 CAD per delivery or FREE over 110.00 CAD
Island of Montreal